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Electric Vehicle Tyres

In an era where sustainable driving is more crucial than ever, electric vehicles (EVs) represent about 25% of new car registrations. This surge in EV usage has naturally led to a heightened demand for specific tyres tailored for electric cars.

Electric vehicles have four main challenges for tyre performance:-

  • Weight 20-30% extra than an equivalent ICE vehicle - Increased load
  • Range – Rolling resistance technologies
  • Instant acceleration / Torque - Wear resistance & New tyre compounds
  • Silent running – Noise reduction technologies

If you've recently transitioned to an EV or have been a long-time supporter, choosing the right tyre is critical for ensuring both tyre longevity and your vehicle's overall efficiency. Need guidance on the best EV tyres for your car? Reach out to Springfield Tyre & Autocare (Car Sales) Unit 12 Springfield Industrial Estate, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex, CM0 8UA for our expert advice.

What is an EV Tyre?

EV tyres are engineered to maximize the efficiency of electric vehicles. This optimization translates into a longer driving range. These tyres are crafted with aerodynamics and specific compounds in mind to enhance grip and reduce rolling resistance, further boosting your vehicle's range.

How Do Electric Car Tyres Differ from Regular Tyres?

Electric cars are generally 20-30% heavier than traditional cars due to the weight of lithium-ion batteries. Unlike standard tyres that wear out quickly under heavy loads, EV tyres are specifically designed to handle this additional weight. They strike a balance between being lightweight yet durable enough to handle long-range drives and the extra pressures of a heavier vehicle. EV tyres also maintain proper air pressure under heavy loads, reducing rolling resistance and enhancing energy efficiency for a safer and smoother drive. Additionally, manufacturers are integrating noise reduction technologies in EV tyres to offset the quieter nature of electric vehicles, ensuring a more pleasant in-cabin experience.

Can I Fit a Standard Tyre on My Electric Vehicle?

While fitting a standard tyre to an EV is technically feasible, it can reduce the vehicle's range by up to 20%, leading to increased charging time and costs. EV tyres are crafted for stability and safety, offering a better driving experience. Choosing the right EV tyre is crucial to avoid performance issues and potential blowouts.

Electric Car Tyre Costs?

The cost of EV tyres is comparable to standard internal combustion engine tyres. However, prices can vary based on the features offered by different manufacturers. Premium EV tyres with advanced features will typically cost more than basic models.

Do I need Winter Tyres for Electric Vehicles?

Using winter tyres on an EV is not mandatory, but it can enhance the driving experience in colder climates. High-quality winter tyres for EVs are designed to shorten stopping distances and retain flexibility in freezing temperatures.

Finding the Best EV Tyres for Your Car

When shopping for EV tyres, it's essential to know the specifications printed on your current tyres' sidewalls, as these indicate the exact requirements for your vehicle. Choosing tyres that don't match these specifications can lead to reduced range, performance issues, and safety risks like blowouts or punctures. For help and advice on choosing the correct tyre for your electric vehicle, call and speak to one of our experts on 01621 784749.

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